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Welcome to OrangeMan's City RPG, citizen. This server aims to change many of the long-standing problems with City RPGs, and help introduce new elements that give the game a longer lifespan. I am currently working on the code and finding a place to host from, but many features (and the map itself) are already finished.

The Old City RPG
the typical city rpg, regardless of its flavour (iban, ty, etc.) still has many critical flaws that prevent it from realizing its potential such as:
     •Salesman jobs are basically useless since someone will always set up a store selling everything at $1 profit. Furthermore, they dont get money from sales if they aren't there.
     •Since almost all jobs in the same education block pay the same, everybody becomes cops or criminals, since those jobs have weapons and added abilities.
     •Nobody actually does their job. It's mostly just a game of sitting around waiting for your paycheck.
     •There is basically no way to do poorly at the game, as you have no real expenses or problems besides providing food for yourself.
     •The game's difficulty is essentially just based on your tolerance for doing boring tasks like mining or chopping woods for hours on end. In addition, it's generally very easy to reach the top level of education and jobs, and after that point there is pretty much nothing else to do.

Updates and Plans
What I want to implement
     •A court system where people can judge social and financial crimes that the game itself will not punish
     •A fully functional business system where people can create jobs for employees, track their sales profits and sell stocks
     •A career-specific education system
     •A vehicle-specific pricing system
     •A system where salesman jobs have specific caps to the amount of money they can earn when not on the server
What has been implemented
     •A one-stock market where people can buy and sell, and admins can determine times of recession or boom
     •A lottery system with pooled winnings
     •Bond packages from an investment bank that you can put money in to so you can recieve higher interest rates, but they have a chance of failing each tick
     •Other general pref changes
     •Put a minimum amount that salesmen have to recieve for profits on items


I am in need of moderators and admins, so if you want to be one, just pm me and tell me your experience with moderating, and why you want to do it on this server.
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uh the real question is though is this one going to be garbage like pretty much any of the other cityrpgs

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our fine correctional officers getting rid of some protestors the old fashion way. On an unrelated note, we now have functional loan offices.

imagine if internet surfing was a thing in a cityrpg but if you go onto blf in-game you get wanted, 100 dems per minute going on blf