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Team Building System & Help Wanted!

For this year we have restructured the way teams are being made. Both players and captains now sign up independent of each other and will then form teams using our brand new Team Builder tool.

It's based around 2 core systems of ranked players and a team score, each playing a role in the team cap and floor limitations. For new players to the GBFL, a base level rank has been given to allow for flexibility in adding brand new players to teams. For more seasoned players, the commissioners are going through players that have previously participated in cups and will rank each of them based on multiple aspects such as playing level, attendance, games played, and other raw statistics.

The currently confirmed captains will then be shown the rankings of the players and the commissioners and captains will all agree on if the rankings are deemed as fair. Once all parties involved are happy with the rankings, the commissioners will make the ranks publically known and captains will be able to start constructing their teams using our brand new team building tool:

Team Building Rules
1.Your team must consist of 5 players and at least 1 substitute player. You are able to sign new players at any point during the season, but all rules still apply.
2.Teams must reach the minimum cost of 7500. In the event of there being a limited player pool, and thus being impossible to hit the minimum cost, exceptions can be made by the commissioners.
3.Teams with 0 RED players can have up to 4 YELLOW players, any number of GREEN players, and any number of BLUE players.
4.Teams with 1 RED player can have up to 2 YELLOW players, any number of GREEN players, and any number of BLUE players.
5.Teams with 2 RED players can have up to 1 YELLOW player, any number of GREEN players, and any number of BLUE players.

As of today we currently have 4 captains that have signed up. Underneath is their contact information if anybody would like to get in touch. If you are still interested in becoming a captain this year the sign ups are still open. We also strongly encourage everyone to invite friends too, as we're trying to be inclusive as possible to newer players at GBFL.


If you are planning to sign up as a captain, then please be aware you must be able to coordinate a group of people to attend events on specific dates and times. You must also be able to communicate clearly and quickly with commissioners to allow for the smooth running of the season.
If you feel as though you may struggle with any of this, it may be best if you sign up as a player and participate in a team rather than captain one.

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*Disclaimer: These are not the only 4 captains! This list is subject to change if new captains sign up.
Another official announcement post will be made once applications are closed.

We're still looking for some important roles to be filled in the GBFL! If you feel as though you could help or know anyone who may be interested in either streaming or reffing, please follow the links to the signup forms underneath to submit your application!

Streamer Position
We're currently looking for someone who is able to live stream matches to our official GBFL_Broadcasting twitch account. The stream should be run at 1080p quality and streamed using OBS Studio as we use this for setting up transitions, scenes, and stream graphics. All further details will be disclosed once an application has been reviewed.

It is not a requirement to commentate during the stream. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, it's no problem as we also have a commentator position that can be filled. In this circumstance, you are able to use our official GBFL Discord to stream their commentary.

Referee/Linesman Position
We're looking for keen members of the GBFL community to help with reffing official matches. If you have experience from previous cups or from playing and participating in matches/skirmishes, this is a positive as it is required you have an understanding of the official GBFL rules and regulations. Players are also welcome to apply for the position, but regulations will be in place regarding what games you are able to support in.

All referee/linesmen applicants will be given training on the correct language and protocol to use during official matches too. Further details will be given once any applications are reviewed.

is skill streamin again this year

is skill streamin again this year

I'd sign up but i'm honestly not sure what my schedule is like.
that and i'm currently out of state til sunday

depending on how stuff is looking i might be able to though.

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Welcome to the Official GBFL Confederations Cup 2017 server

And we're now up and running! Come visit our brand new spawn area, complete with a GBFL museum of old Blockland cups and football events. You can hang out with friends in the lobby, or take the tele-doors to the practice pitches to skirmish and practice!

Special thanks to all of our partners this year and any of the support they've given!

And to help everyone get into the mood, you can download our decals and print packs underneath to help speed up loading times and show your support for any of the teams!

Kit Decals
Contents includes 8 Confederations Cup Teams. All come with home, away, and goalie kits.

GBFL History Posters Pack
Contents includes 42 prints to help you on your trip down memory lane.

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best world cup match ever
also jam you got white not blue

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