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Well, here is the backstory:

Our hero, Ayebee123, (not really a hero.) gets bored of his normal life style. He chooses to have an adventure. He can't do this alone. He needs your help!

How this will work: After I post the first photo (not in this thread) you will be able to do stuff. After page 2, you will have to be beaten to join. I know what your saying, "but but uh this is a repof of Shark Adventure you well be beaneddddd heeeeeeeheehe," Well to you good sir, this is going to be updated frequently, (not trying to be an ass to merp, he still does Shark Adventure good.) and I will try to add stuff into the mix to add that good spice, MMMMM!

Instructions to join: 1. Post your profile picture. 2. (not required) Post an enemy if you can. 3. Wait until you can do actions. It's that simple.

Shall we begin?

EDIT: After you attack once, you have to wait after the enemy's turn, then you can attack again. Clearing up a bit of confusion, as before a monster attacks, people try to attack twice.

EDIT 2: Currently, all players that have not completely joined yet will have to be fought.
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if you're gonna call it adventure then here's an enemy

there can surely be no mightier foe than the noble dragon
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Get me in on this.

My enemy submission (expect many more to come.)

I have arrived

You can take my avatar from here

Our hero goes for a walk...



Grab the tail and throw it!

burn its eyes with the cigarette in ur mouth

burn its eyes with the cigarette in ur mouth

You control your own character, not me. Also, there is a level-up type of system i might make

i tell it to drink bleach and hang itself

i appear and vanquish it!

Grab the tail and throw it!

You somehow get around the dragon-duck thing, and grab its tail!

Then, you slam it to the ground, inflicting 15 damage!

HP: 35/50 Status Effects: None

i appear and vanquish it!

You sure did appear. And you sure did waste a turn.

i tell it to drink bleach and hang itself

You trashtalk the dinosaur-duck thing. You inflict "Suicidal." Damn, you could have toned it down a bit.

HP: 35/50 Status Effects: Suicidal: Attacks are 10% stronger against this creature.