Author Topic: Hosting the Despair Syndrome gamemode  (Read 880 times)

This thread helps people to host Despair Syndrome (not to be confused with Despair Fever, this is the old version). A lot of people want to host the gamemode, but then they find a great gap. Namely, the lack of addons to host the default build we all know and love. And nobody bothers to find the addons ever since.

These addons are for hosting the publicly-released Github version of the gamemode, but before the pack, please read the following:

  • When hosting the gamemode, be sure that you can administrate maturely. If you can handle Mafia Madness or any other gamemode that heavily relies on administration, you should be able to handle this one.
  • When hosting the gamemode, make sure to learn it first. This sounds obvious, but a person who I will not name came to my server and after two minutes asked me where they can download the gamemode. Before they even spawned. So, yeah.
  • When hosting the gamemode, make sure to read carefully during the process and pick up the pack here. This is a crucial step to hosting reliably.
  • Don't host when Xalos is hosting the gamemode, play there instead. Well, that's a rare event, but it still happens and we should respect it when it does.

The link for the pack will appear, assuming you have read what I had to say. Otherwise, it will be resized to 0pt and you can't get to it.

While I'm still writing this thread, I'd like to state that there are about 400 bricks that will not load. Chances are there are other addons that somebody forgot to append to the gamemode.txt. This is not any game-breaking material, but still may be important details for, uh, the details of the map and its looks.

These are the names of the bricks that don't want to load. If you have seen them somewhere, please tell us:

1x1 Wedge
1x1 Flowers
1x1x5 Wedge
1x1 Stem
1x1F Wedge
2x4 Small Ramp
1x4 Small Ramp Downside
1x8 Small Ramp Downside