Author Topic: Share your favorite animation(s).  (Read 2017 times)

Got any animations you like? Post 'em here.
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anything made by gildedguy

Diamond Jack by Rachael Kim

(spoiler: it's pretty gud)"Hedgehog in the Fog [Yuriy Norshteyn, 1975]"
This animation is pretty cool, Also other animations from Yuri Norstein like :"Tale of tales 1979"
--I really love the atmosphere and texture of these animations. I'll show more when there's other people that show their own.

Pretty interesting stuff

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Really like that animation.

I remember watching that guy many years ago when his channel was still new. I still have the original file I archived back in 2008.
The Glass Harmonica (Стеклянная гармоника, 1968) by Andrei Khrzhanovsky
--here's another video similar to the first two videos I've showed you. A very symbolic film.

Man, a lot of these are just wierd Russian films..

I like those types of films. Let me show something different.
 Rescuing Ghosts
I really like this animation. I can actually feel the weight and emotion in this short film.