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I was hoping I could host a dedicated server (that I didn't have to pay for) A lot of tutorials are outdated and I can't find any that work is it even possible to host a dedicated server through a batch file or shortcut and portforwarding? Please let me know!

It's super easy.  It's just like- copy the blockland shortcut, right click the copy, go to properties, and add -dedicated to the end of the target.

I'm not at my computer atm, can someone post a picture or a gif or something?

A. You must have non-steam blockland to host dedicated and play normally
B. You need to have your computer on to keep the server running
C. You need to have the port forwarded or use UPnP

Before blockland came with a dedicated shortcut, I'll go boot my laptop and test it real quick

I wrote a small tutorial explaing how to set up a dedicated server a while ago in Blockland Wikia

EDIT: fixed url thx to super suit
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you might want to put url tags around that so it catches the . at the end

I did this, but when I launcher the server it says authentication required for hosting internet game input key by via setKey("XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX") no Idea what it means

use setKey("<BL key here>");
so if your key is
in the console

edit: also, instead of running it through cmd, you can just make a text file with the command (Blockland.exe ptlaaxobimwroe -dedicated) in it, and rename it to dedicated.bat
that way it's easier to run each time (just double click the .bat file)
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How do I see my key? forgot -_-

Oh I guess I have to get blockland off their site huh? well I guess I have too thanks guys!

If you guys did not realize his profile is a steam key. Yea unfortunately badspot made no support for steam users to host a dedicated server. Steam users do not have a key. Buying from the site will give you a key you can host with.

A. You must have non-steam blockland to host dedicated and play normally

pretty sure you can host off a steam version somehow, not sure though
the steamAPI check fails for some reason

edit: launching BL through steam still works, just can't launch my steam BL with a .bat file

edit: you can edit your steam BL launch options
adding -dedicated to the launch options makes it launch the dedicated server
(steam library>right click blockland>properties>set launch options>type -dedicated into the box)
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Oh yea it can work that way but not off of a hosting service.