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Figured I should throw all these together into one topic.

Shark Camera Fix

Tired of losing your observer camera in Speedkart whenever a shark eats you on Hydro? So was I. This is literally a single packaged function which contains a one line edit and anyone with ten minutes and a little know-how could make it themselves. I actually did this months ago and completely forgot to upload it anywhere. Add it to the gamemode.txt in your personal speedkart gamemode of choice.

update 10/7/2017: fixed syntax error. apparently i missed a ) in server.cs. derp.


Do you like treasure chests? What if you wanted a treasure chest that could be opened and closed whenever you felt like it? You'd be stuff outta luck, right? WRONG! Brick_DoorChests simply adds a version of the treasure chest brick that uses the Support_Doors interactivity system to support its open and closed states. Note that unlike normal doors, these treasure chests will maintain their open or closed state between save/load, mostly because I can't think of a good reason why they shouldn't.

Side note, I was going to include a variant of Brick_SingleChest in DoorChests that would load if you had SingleChest, but I couldn't figure out how to deregister the obselete event it used to set the chest state. I mean, you're not missing much, just the onDoorOpen and onDoorClose events and maybe some named brick optimizations.


I made this ages ago for Battlemix and posted it in Gy's topic in GD, but I don't think I ever posted it in Add-Ons. Requires the original Guns Tetrakaikimbo to work.

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Updated OP, made this a general addon topic; posted DoorChests; reposted the old Guns Tetrakaikimbo Akimbo edit that I made for Battlemix and forgot to post in addons.
Update2: fixed a syntax error in server_sharkcamerafix.
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