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Author Topic: Those people that it feels like they throw their phone in the river when texting  (Read 694 times)

I usually respond quickly but some people message me, I respond immediately and the read receipt shows that they didn't get the message for about an hour or two until they respond.

i don't hold it against people unless we were in the middle of an important conversation cause i do it semi-frequently
there's been loads of times when i've texted someone and then gotten caught up unexpectedly in soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning else where i was unable to text, especially at work
there's also been plenty of times when i'm in an environment where i have my ringer off and i just don't notice that they responded
also also there's lots of times where i just don't know how to respond and i want to devote time to thinking of an actual meaningful response
also also also i have dyslexia and if their message is long, it gets intimidating to read and reply to cause i'm afraid i will respond with soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning completely wrong due to misreading so i put it off for way too long

Pie crust got left on read...

Pie crust got left on read...
I'd wish. Got left on "message sent to server".

half the time i'll read a message, get distracted, forget about the message, and by the time i remember it, i'll look bad if i reply to it