when do you catch some z's

before or 5pm
around 6-7pm
around 8-9pm
around 10-11pm
around 12-1am
around 2-3am
around 4-5am
after or 6am

Author Topic: do you have insomnia or some sleep conidtion  (Read 2241 times)

yes i have trouble sleeping when i stop something im working on to go to bed
my mind will not calm down with thinking about the project and i will probably only get sweet release around 6am and then sleep till 12
does anyone else get this btw?

also when i quit weed i had sleeping troubles similar, but its a different experience, it was more like being tired, feeling tired, but not being able to fall asleep

both are frustrating as hell

but im west European so my hours arent during active BLf hours
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i dont like going to sleep because it causes me to reflect on my life, so i usually go to sleep at 3-4 and wake up at 10
my lifelong dream is to go to sleep at 8p and wake up 8-10h later

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i don't sleep, i just blink incredibly quickly.

I used to have sleep troubles. Now I'm mostly okay and get to sleep within roughly a half hour, but it used to and still occasionally takes several hours of just lying in the dark awake.

There's no 3-4am option lol

im a good bean who sleeps normally

this is the latest i've woken up in a long time holy forget