Author Topic: What are the last two films you watched: The Megathread  (Read 4352 times)

also known as, what are you currently watching and what did you last watch

currently - School of life

previously - Foolproof

Yes I watch cheesy moviesif Ryan is in itand romantic comedies
Also megathead lol I had to
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jurassic park and despicable me 3

I've been meaning to watch casino royale and probably star wars next

baby driver and under the same moon

baby driver and thor ragnarok

The Hitman's Bodyguard and Guardians of the Galaxy

Spotlight and Jackie Brown.

dark tower and hateful eight
would suggest both, less so dark tower

Mean Creek and Baby Driver

Jurassic Park and Westworld.

baby driver and guardians of the galaxy 2

princess bride and jurassic park

the hateful eight and river's edge
both good