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Want all my unfinished add-ons?
well if you're offering, then sure yeah

Blockland's lack of updates makes it look timeless.

its dumb but i can get why some people do it, fear of backlash or some stuff
It's moreso the fact that they're in a 'in-development' state and are typically using a lot of placeholder code. And sometimes require a number of console commands to actually use it. Very, very user-unfriendly and will end up getting the person bombarded with "how do i use it?/it doesn't work" questions because it never reached the stage where you just make it work.

I kinda support private add-ons, it's really not a black or white thing for me.

Game mode maps should be smaller, more simplified, and it is ok to have a lower player count. Slayer isn't that great and needs an overhaul. Modter terrains are good, but people don't use them well. Not all buildings should be enterable, but only if it is absolutely needed. More vehicles should use a third person view just strafortress' spitfire. Bot's should be used more in game modes. If a player can't build, don't bother trying to make a map for a game mode. Practice until you get better. Conflicting styles of tools, weapon are garbage. (Randomizer is "somewhat" of an exception).

Bot's should be used more in game modes.
agreed, I love bots but their movement is kind of forgety. I hate how they strafe-walk towards you and will keep walking til they're in your face. makes em a lot harder to kill but yea, I think bots can add a lot to the game. They would definitely help retain players if a server is at a really low player count.

if AI were a thing in Blockland that would be nice

tophius’ dragon should stay private :^)

cityrpg is a very fun gamemode, but the only person that hosted a good one was Diggy. everyone else is trash

2late bich
wait who are you again?

OT:weve out grown the over blocky style of H&K and T+T
guns with a style of "default gun but its a ______ and its got a ______"
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blockland should be remade in unreal engine