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mayb we should stfu about stuff not fitting the bl style

Any weapon packs with ammo suck
Unorganized packs of bricks also suck
jailbreak servers double suck

Any weapon packs with ammo suck
I hate that they don't at least let you disable ammo most of the times. Makes it hard to mix weapon packs.
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holy loving stuff i read the name in the quote and i just realized his name is shift kitty and not shift kirby what the hell
This is the second time this has happened what the forget

I actually really loved large maps like NYC and Dustlands
My fav large map was slate

Maps were holding the building aspect of the game back by discouraging people to build.
that's not really an unpopular opinion, it was sort of the whole selling point of shaders lol
but I disagree. I can't build, and not having maps to play around in isn't gonna make me start building, it's just gonna make me not wanna play. and unfortunately that is pretty much how it went down

I also can't build but I can say with utmost certainty that the people that do build have been building better. Which has made me like the game more. Because I like being able to play on/explore the better things people are making.

i dont like tier tactical

A specialized, fun weapon to use like the Human rocket/Fixed MiniNuke/Shining Laser or whatever it was called > Boring, grey modern guns you see being mass produced on the gmod workshop

Detailed > Overused T+T blocko style

Prop Bricks (some) > Entirely brick aesthetic

my other potentially incorrect and unpopular advice/opinions:

- if you're completely new and interested at coding please don't make Torquescript your starter/beginner thing, it's an outdated, complex, and difficult mess and honestly you could go for something more comfy like python until you understand syntax, then you could get started with a few basics on TS and understand how TS works.

- styles/add-ons such as tier+tactical and such other really shouldn't be the norm or the hip thing when making weaponpacks

- stop using page loss people can read all the topics you know

- stop using trueno's and go for a better colorset please. you have architectural and emil's as namely an option if you want more loving colors

- gamemodes like speedkart and even grapple knife are bland really. the only time you go there is if you want to hang out and talk

- i really think people should stop harping on badspot because he's not updating the game more, the man has already invested his time into the game long ago and he's pretty much done for. he's moving on with life and he's found a way to make more money (satinminions), as well as being interested in other things as well. let the man have his break

- i don't think torque3d is a great engine

hands and reload animations on guns are fine

good colorsets dont overwrite default colors on saves that used them
aka "default colors section"

try $Pref::Skateboard::EnableInterpol = false;
i for one prefer my server to be protected by the police

- i don't think torque3d is a great engine
how is this an unpopular opinion

how is this an unpopular opinion

people think it is good apparently