Author Topic: Vittoriohp, ID 76322 -- spamming and crashing servers  (Read 1511 times)

Last week a user by the name Vittoriohp joined my server and spammed emitters to try and crash it. I searched his ID (76322) and found he did something similar earlier this year.

Prior drama:

Today I was on based rlcbm's server and ran into him again.

If you are hosting a server with building enabled and this guy joins, keep an eye on him and be prepared to ban him. He crashes servers by spamming emitters and bricks. Vittoriohp, ID 76322.

This is the first drama I’ve made in like 5 years did I do ok?

u did gr8 mega don't u worry <3

so how come everyone is trying to copy germestar now? this is pretty sad

probably raven considering he and grimlock did this with his brillo account

noedit; oops didnt realize he had a seperate older drama sorry

he also did a lag machine with some relays and bot events on the christmas giftbuild, anyone hosting a freebuild should permanently ban him

why does his name sound like mine

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm just because im bored........................ ...........................


This kid shat up Deokotarus freebuild a while back with green autism spam so it doesnt surprise me hed do this.