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no update old one
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Author Topic: a big pack of ambient sounds (PACK 2 RELEASED)  (Read 2506 times)

includes :
- computer sounds
- distant dogs
- fireplace
- fluorescent lamp buzz
- forest ambience
- food frying
- lava bubbling
- heavy rain
- heavy rain thunder 
- moderate rain
- film static
- big waterfall
- small waterfall
- wind
- rain on window
oh also you might want to download the add-on that lets you have longer music files
might add more in the future!!!!!!! already planning on adding some
a reccomendation from me : disable some of the songs. theres multiple volume versions of a few, so find out which volume you like the best and disable the others.
PACK 2!!!!!
includes :
- coffee shop chatter
- dry water splashes    }
- wet water splashes    } these are sounds of water hitting a surface. dry = dry hard stuff, wet = thin water layer, deep = deep water
- deep water splashes  }
- engine
- printer
- jungle
- snowstorm
- waves
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i needed the lava bubbling one for ages, awesome dude thank you so much

hey cool, lamp buzzing


added poll for new ambients

oh also you might want to download the add-on that lets you have longer music files
can I have the link to this?

also I have some suggestions:
-city noise (like cars honking and beeping in the distance)
-blizzard snowstorm with heavy wind
-ocean waves crashing
-people talking in a coffee shop
-cricket noises

can I have the link to this
its in glass queuenard made it
i made 3 variants of cars passing
1 of them is city noise

im gonna add alot of ambients you didnt even know you needed
have you ever thought of a clock ticking before now
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I never knew I needed something this much thanks

I'm gonna try this in action by putting a music block near a window in rain.
I'm sure it'll turn out great.