Author Topic: Cute shop interior  (Read 2203 times)

I made a cute little shop with the help of some friends. Please give feedback and criticism so I can improve. Thank you.
Built by Slut 48487, Buni 7222, and Maxwell even though he didn't actually do anything. Also, the painting was done by my sis Esmer ily girl <3

holy stuff LMAO
is it that bad? )^: i spent  couple hours on it... i tried really hard ;w; imsowwy...... :C

im getting major red THOT flags from you....... but i gotta admit this is well build

The Right Tool for the Job

Looks like it was from some mall somewhere. I saw two of these type of stores at my mall.

Other than the loveual stuff, the interior looks nice and, the props are well made.

some really creative love toys in there.

wheres the hidden dungeon entrance