Author Topic: Dedicated server keeps loading default Add-Ons  (Read 678 times)

Ever since the arrival of version 21, the server keeps loading default crap instead of the Add-Ons I've installed. When ever I go to the Server Settings none of the Add-Ons I've installed will appear in the list, except the custom music files.

Code: (Dedicated.bat code) [Select]
BlocklandLauncher.exe ptlaaxobimwroe -dedicated -map custom
Yes, I have already searched the problem in the entire forum many times in the past. But it seems like that the dedicated.bat code works for a little time and then it is broken again by loading up only the default Add-Ons. This problem only occurs on v21, any dedicated server that has been hosted before v20 didn't had this strange problem.

Problem solved. Blockland installed a new default installation in My Documents without my knowledge. So every time I started up the dedicated.bat it linked to the new Blockland installation (?).

the "new" installation in your documents should be your main non-steam copy of BL