Author Topic: The UNITED LIBERATION FRONT: It's defcon-Grimlock  (Read 3362 times)

"In a time of crCIA, all the clans of the West African region united under one banner to defeat the commies, furrys, autists(read books your parents give you) and gays."

Our Clans
Nigerian Cunts
Thot Patrol
Chad Republic
The Harvest

The Goyim Who Must Die
Night fox

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I prefer the National Liberation Front myself.

So that's what all these clans were about...

im a bad ass mother forgeter

another Cwummy Thought Police Enforcement/Autism(CopyRight) Rip-Off Clan, Sponsored by Nigerish Counts

im just gonna put it on the record that i don't associate with nc in any way

I'm glad these clans are uniting their forces, because clan discussion is a board for collaboration and working together to accomplish things larger than what an individual can do, but THIS is the real degeneracy. You come forward offering stale african memes and cheap trolling instead of cool builds, add-ons, screenshots, anything which actually enriches Blockland. shame on you Grimlock, shame on the Nigerian Cunts, shame on you for turning this once-prosperous board into a filthy wasteland. shame on you for doing permanent damage to this game.

how are you gonna stop forum degeneracy? by asking them to stop?

how are you gonna stop forum degeneracy? by asking them to stop?

yes stop