Author Topic: x - another friend research spammer  (Read 7392 times)

this is the best he can do, pff

Didn't even use make-up to cover the happy trail

What kind of amateur hour is this

that is literally a woman

ya know, I thought 2018 had a pretty good start

I think that'll continue, seeing as this guy is pretty bad at what he's doing

he got me good O_o

he did send it to betel is retarded which hasnt been used in like 3 weeks

Banning these forum accounts isn't enough. Can we like forget this guy up IRL.

Also where does that link go? Is it malicious?

ya know im gonna bet that this is jiggy

Also where does that link go? Is it malicious?
no it's just the investigate with imgur links to the pictures
so its just a copy of the forum post

actually the name is ¤ get it right

whats that pastebin thing he keeps posting

If this is actually that girl's vagina then this moron's only playing himself. Have fun when the FBI knock on your door.