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Author Topic: Crazy Girl Thread  (Read 4975 times)

>be me
>grade 6
>hanging out with friends behind playground
>this special needs girl who lisps everything runs up to me
>gives me a note that says "I like you"
>I ignore it because I have a gf
>she gets addicted to me but I don't even like talking to her
Fast forward to pancake breakfast day at school, grade 8
>sitting with friends & girlfriend having fun eating and talking
>the special ed girls mom comes up to us and asks to take a picture of us for the yearbook
>we say sure and she snaps a photo
>"oh I'll need to take a picture of MrFizzyCat alone."
>she pulls me out the gym door (that's where we were eating)
>takes multiple pictures of me
>"okay shoo"
Fast forward to grade 7, power outage in school because of the rain
>sitting alone texting people online
>special ed girl comes up to me and shows me the picture of me from the pancake breakfast, and it's in her wallet
>I suddenly remember that happening, and it never ended up in the yearbook
>she tosses a small ziplock bag to me
>I open it and there's a card inside
>"Merry Christmas" reads the card (Christmas was about a week away btw)
>"I love you" was written on the inside of the card
>I give her the most messed up look possible and she just looks at me
>I get up and walk to the other side of the class and toss the card in the garbage with her watching me
>tell my girlfriend about it and she is also disturbed at the spec ed girl
Fast forward to literally later that day when I'm about to walk home
>girlfriends house is the opposite direction of mine, so we can't walk together. we usually just wait about 10 minutes before walking home after school so we can see each other more
>spec ed girl standing on hill about 100 meters away from us
>without me knowing she takes a picture of me
>say goodbye to my girlfriend, hug, and start walking
>spec ed bitch most likely triggered
>my house is about an hours walk from the school
>10 minutes into the walk a car stops near me
>(for context, i live in a small-ish town. the roads i walk home on barely have anyone driving on them)
>"Hey MrFizzyCat! Need a ride?"
>It's spec eds mom
>"N-.. No thanks Mrs.Anonymous."
>"Come on, we can quickly drop you off at your house, it's not that far away!"
>How the hell does she know where my house is?
>"Look, I'm fine. Thanks though."
>I see spec ed in the backseat of the car
>"Brent, please! I'd like to talk to you!"
>I make a stupid choice
>walk up to the car but I keep my tall stance
>rest my elbows against the car window
>"I do not want a ride." I say as firmly and aggressively as I physically can. (keep in mind, even if I was in grade 7, I was about 6 ft tall, so I was a tad bit threatening)
>I stare at specs mom for a few seconds before continuing to walk
>she drives off
>Fast forward, grade 9, June
>sitting with the girl I've been with since grade 6 and my best pal
>spec ed runs by and shoots me a dirty look
>"Is she still interested in you?" asks my gf
>"I don't know"
>Later that day
>it's really sunny out and I decide to study out on the field
>gf and pal are with me
>we're all having a blast, talking, studying, drinking & eating
>it's literally a perfect day
>spec ed sees us
>she walks up to us and sits down in the middle of the 3 of us
>we all go dead silent
>"I could make you happier" she says to me in the most lisp voice possible
>gf starts laughing her ass off
>my pal starts dying
>I'm laughing too
>spec ed pulls her books out and starts reading them
>gf still laughing her ass off
>my group is making no noise, besides my gf
>finally I decide to speak up
>"I won't ever be interested in you, please stop trying, as you can see, I'm pretty happy with my relationship."
>the look on her face was priceless
>gf smiles
>spec ed starts crying obnoxiously
>the 3 of us get up and move to the other end of the field
>after about 5 minutes spec ed follows us there, sits down and starts crying again
>my pal tells her to screw off
>she gets mad and smacks his leg
>I'm 6'1 at that time
>I stand up and put my foot on spec eds shoulder
>push her with all my force to the ground
>she does that bs oh you knocked me out thing
>the 3 of us walk away
>Fast forward, next week
>it's summer break, and i was sitting out on my porch reading manga
>spec eds mom pulls up
>(my parents are literally only at my house from 10pm - 7am everyday)
>spec eds mom gets out of her car
>"what the **** did you do to my daughter?
>the grin on my face must've left a mark on her
>"she said you punched her in the face, why would you do that to your girlfriend?"
>roostery smile wipes off my face
>"she's not my girlfriend, she's been stalking me for a long time, and same with you too."
>"oh how have I been stalking you"
>"explain how you know where I live, and why you took those pictures of me at the pancake breakfast"
>"she told me where you live, and-"
>she struggles to think of an excuse for the pictures
>"exactly, you and your spastic daughter are stalking me"
>her face turns red
>"you never, EVER, speak like that to an adult. you've been dating her since grade 6 and you pull this? where are your parents?"
>"they're not home"
>she starts banging on my door and yelling
>I make another stupid decision
>I go up and punch her as hard as I physically can in the side
>she looks at me, trying to act un-phased (it was clear that it hurt her)
>"I'll be back" she says, and points right at me
>I go inside, grab a smallish knife that I have in my bedroom
>by the time I'm back she's sitting in her car texting someone (presumably spec ed)
>gesture her to roll down the window
>"I'll be waiting"
>flash the knife
>drives off
>Fast forward to now, grade 10
>spec ed is in my film class
>no contact has been made with the demon but I've seen her stare at me from time to time

Hope you enjoyed this, BLF. It was a pain to write. (She never came back.)

>>6911729636 kek good post makes me lols much friendo

>no one is doing this greentext correctly
>its not 4kidschan too

>no one is doing this greentext correctly
>its not 4kidschan too

>mfw when

<using greentext at all
what friends lmao

<using greentext at all
what friends lmao
)not using orangetext
get outta here

i swear to god dude half the gals in my school should be in a mental hospital
affecting me though, there's one instance where this chick that's largely cool but still kinda forgeted up in her own way confessed her love to me and when i told her that i already had a gf (first one at the time) she went batstuff crazy and said she'd kill herself if i didn't love her or something along those lines. anyways i knew she wouldn't actually do it but she still got real depressed afterwards. there's a real forgetin horrible Self Delete problem at my school (especially for a small town like mine) so i wasn't blunt about anything. she's alright and chill but she just has moments that make you wonder how she's still alive

Girl in 8th grade went up to me and told me, out of nowhere, that she had dreams of me and that we had love in those dreams. I spent the last week or two of middle school avoiding her while she desperately tried to talk to me.

It's been 4 years and I doubt she remembers, I don't want to bring it up either. But we're chill now.

girls r weird11 Boys are 100% normal though

Girl in 8th grade went up to me and told me, out of nowhere, that she had dreams of me and that we had love in those dreams. I spent the last week or two of middle school avoiding her while she desperately tried to talk to me.

It's been 4 years and I doubt she remembers, I don't want to bring it up either. But we're chill now.
You had the opportunity, but you missed out. gg

I had like a quasi-pseudo relationship with a girl from my high-school, we did things that were obviously inappropriate for a friendship, but it was never 'official' because she kinda hated me. I don't really know how to explain it but she just kinda used to talk a lot of stuff behind my back and then when I'd ask her about it she'd deny it and get angry with me for questioning it so i'd just ignore it/put up with it (cuz she was RIDICULOUSLY hot bro)

Eventually I started getting like actual death threats from her handicap drug addict friends because she kept telling them that I was stalking her and like beating the stuff out of her or something insane, and she would like fake anxiety attacks whenever someone brought me up. When I asked her wtf was going on she threatened me with a restraining order so I never spoke to her again

i won't get into it too much but there was this chick that was basically the female version of a reddit atheist who liked undertale

>>6911729636 kek good post makes me lols much friendo

can you be unfunny somewhere else

like, Tide Pods Knuckles sort of off
in public
eliminate that thot