Author Topic: taking suggestions for research essay  (Read 686 times)

hi folks, just looking for some inspiration from ya'll. im in my junior writing class and im looking for some research essay suggestions. my professor has said all my ideas have either been too difficult or too narrow. im studying kinesiology so i was wondering if you guys had any cool ideas that related to such. if anyone has anything cool they were curious or wondering about im down to hear your suggestions (can be stuff like physical activity and mental or physical diseases, sports, and almost anything related to the human body)

The Crusades or something with knights

The risk of contracting infectious disease and parasites via brown towningus.

How the muscles of the body move and interact with eachother when playing various sports.
or.. How physical therapy helps those injured from sports recover.

Are traps really gay? 🤔

effects of mental disorders on body movement
anxiety/ADD with fidgeting
depression with fatigue

where does pee really come from