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Episode 0 to 1 took 5 years, 1 to 2 only took two-ish weeks, we're improving!

00:00 - Intro
00:32 - Unoriginal name? TIME PARADOX, Blockland is a clone
02:19 - Inventors of calculus, two Paul Reveres?
06:00 - Welcome to the internet, spoilers it's bad
08:04 - Secret picket fence ( Cloaking ads, demonetization, google labia detecting ai )
14:29 - Face app, Video face replacement, Nicholas Cage
18:28 - Old fame greater than new fame? two old guys think so
20:40 - More face swapping, advertisement in the west
27:00 - Perennial, making video games
32:00 - Game design/names/websites/mistakes/automation
42:00 - The Forgettable Dungeon, more game design, update gone wrong, feature creep
49:59 - CS Go skin price insanity, CS Go nostalgia
58:23 - Overwatch discussion - more nostalgia

Previous episodes:

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Today's a good day. Second episode of the blockcast and the mister metokur video on sephiroth is suppose to be coming out.

cant wait to get out of school

Where's the first episode?

Both episodes were surprisingly entertaining. Even though you guys sorta rambled on about random stuff, the topics were interesting.

more pls

08:04 - Secret picket fence

Just for note if you see any weird titles like this in the timestamps it's because google is over zealous about "safe" words.

Accounts and videos get flagged depending on what is in the description at times.

The original title of this was Cloaking ads, demonetization, google labia detecting ai

Edit: also changed topic title to be more readable.

For a little bit you guys mentioned how the Blockland name came to be and everything through that one forum it was posted to.

Would you guys ever mind talking about the history of Blockland and why it even exists in the first place? I'm curious lol.

The original title of this was Cloaking ads, demonetization, google labia detecting ai

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