Author Topic: NEWS: Toys "R" Us to close all of its stores.  (Read 2893 times)

Now im going to end up talking about toy's r us the same way I talk about K-Mart, Blockbuster,, Ed Edd n eddy, Logan Paul and the body he filmed.

"I remember when those were alive and well."

kids toys are and were always complete stuff

i never liked them when i was a kid

i played flash games and later blockland instead
same except roblox

I knew this was going to happen.

When I was a kid toys r us was stacked with toys at every single aisle about 2 stories loving high, it felt like.

Went to a toys r us like 2 years ago almost all the shelves were empty.

I went to a Toys Я Us in a rich part of town back in October to get an SNES Classic. It was actually pretty nice inside. Besides that I only went into one like 3 times even when I was a kid.

also i saw two snes classics in best buy getting my gpu today so wow

also same with the 3 times thing

had one near me which is being rented out by spirit halloween, which is nice
Wait what the hell, same here!

Wait what the hell, same here!
Spirit Halloween only sets up in abandoned strip malls lol.

amazon takes literally two days the forget
unless you have a PO box, then they hate you :(