Author Topic: Weekly Default Build Challenge 2 - Week 8 : Oriental  (Read 4878 times)

After a long hiatus, it returns...
there are 5 rules for this weeks challenge
1 - do not use invisible supports whatsoever. unlimited brickcount.
2 - use default colorset and bricks
3 - please attatch the .bls file via blf's attatchment system so i can look at them
name the save file in this format : BL_ID-(currentchallenge)
(example : 16362-mini_fortress)
4 - no spam builds or joke builds
5 - have fun building it, don't make it a chore.

Video links go here!
Every 5 weeks, I will rank the 3 best builds of each theme.

China like chinese people. Do you eat vachina?
no modter allowed. default bricks only.
Ends on June 18th,
Central Timezone 6:00 PM, or 18:00.

| PREVIOUS BUILDS----------------------------| BUILDER RANKING | #1 PLACEMENTS---------- | #2 PLACEMENTS---------- | #3 PLACEMENTS |
week 1 : mini fortress                           |
week 2 : demo build                              |
week 3 : vacation resort & roblox           |
week 4 : event machine                         |
week 5 : island                                     |
week 6 : space                                     |
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Can I work with a friend?

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This sounds like fun. Here is my contribution.

Holy Mountain with Prayer Flags
1343 bricks

Nice to see this back. Maybe I'll finally participate.

Doka Sleeps

Here's mine.
Some sacred standing stones.

these are some pretty sick builds. loving them all

mmm these are looking great, gives me an appreciation for the default colors

I haven't built something in a while so I thought it would be fun participating in this. Yes I stole Edwarde's concept, I'm evil.

If Conan's watching, I know the terrain is sloppy.