Author Topic: Servers You Miss  (Read 6051 times)

Talk about Blockland servers you miss if you've ever even played on a Blockland sevrer. Whether or not it makes you nostalgic, talk about it, because I'm a man and I need to cry tears like everybody else by remembering the "good old times" of Blockland.

For me, it has to be two prison break/jailbreak servers. Crown's Jailbreak and Tezuni's Prison Break. forget do I miss playing on them, and I'll be damned if somebody says they weren't at least a little fun. They were two great places that were like temporary icons for Blockland in my opinion.

Rems and cats grappleknife

Building Contests
Eventing Contents
Death Runs
Decent Parkour/Obstacle courses
Zombie Defense
Rising Lava
Falling Platforms

We need more Innovative servers.

Like a Falling Platforms & Rising Lava server, where you have to jump on certain coloured platforms to rise up, and one wrong move or waiting too long in one place could mean death.

conan's prison escape
scenery's battlemix / tournaments
crown's jailbreak

idk about you guys, but i miss tezuni's slopes ctf so much

Yorktown's CRP
Diggy's Metropolis
Gamefandan's Ultimate Monster RPG
Badspot's Blockparty (Back when Ephi kept the server clean from stuffters)
Ent's Land of Blocks
Honor's Unlimited Mining
Tezuni's Jailbreak
LegoPepper's Medieval RP
Visolator's Randomizing Arena
Nobot's Impossible Challenge

Red_Guy's Unlimited Mining with the ruins and reactor core

BLOODBATH's challenge servers

I miss hosting fortwars back when terrain was a thing