Author Topic: [SWCCC] Hatmod - Salmon's Star Wars Helmets  (Read 3078 times)

Includes nine generic Star Wars helmets, as well as two alien heads.
It's advised you download this Node Hider if you want the alien heads to look anything decent.

9 Helmets

2 Creatures

This pack would include: Four imperial helmets, being an Imperial Gunner, Imperial Pilot, Scout Trooper, and a Snow Trooper. Four rebel helmets, which are an Endor Helmet, Hoth Helmet, Rebel Pilot, and Rebel Soldier. There's also one neutral helmet, being the Boushh Helmet.

You can also see two creatures; a Gamorrean and a Mon Calamari.

Hatmod_SStarWars   128KB

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holy stuff these are loving top quality

Oh hell yeah I've been waiting for this

god tier hats right here

people need to stop making stuffty low effort mods and start being more creative and make stuff like this


looks like i no longer have the good star wars hat monopoly anymore

people need to stop making stuffty low effort mods
give 1 example of this

nothin like taking that cheap shot at swift am i right fire vine heheh *chugs a bleach-soy solution*

oh i forgot to put this in there too

really stuffty and should be taken down smh

The loop is actually pretty good, and so is this hat pack, I freaking love these lol