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Ammo Bow
Version 1.1

Contains 5 items: Ammo Bow, Ammo Bow Fast, Ammo Bow Faster, Ammo Bow Shotgun, Ammo - Arrow, and Ammo - Quiver

Quiver gives 5 ammo, arrow gives 1
Max carried ammo is 16 (can be changed through prefs)
If you use a quiver and there is excess ammo, the excess will drop on the ground.

Ammo Bow shoots at about 1 arrow per second
Ammo Bow Fast shoots slightly faster than default bow (~2 per second)
Ammo Bow Faster shoots around 2x faster than default bow (~3-4 per second)
Shotgun variant shoots 4 arrows per second

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if anyone would be so kind as to make icons....... bless u.....

prefs for thhe amount of ammo yes or no

prefs for thhe amount of ammo yes or no
i was waiting for someone to post this so i have to do it

Version 1.1
+ Added RTB pref for max ammo

put 6 arrows in the quiver or else

Version 1.2
+ Added Fast, Faster, and Shotgun bow variants

what about a bow that consumes 3 arrows but shoots an arrow 5x as fast
like a sniper bow

tons of variety will make this pack fun to play with

not saying you should include all or any of this, just ideas to think about

different arrow types: basically just used with the current variants that you have
smoke (obstructs vision in a small area)
poison (damage over time or reduces health to 33% for 10 seconds)
fire (damage over time)
frost (freezes / creates solid ice blocks, could just rip straight out of the elemental spell pack)
lightning (arrows hit instantly like hitscan)
light (deal zero damage, heals people you shoot)
void (pulls targets if in minimum range in the direction of the arrow)
stone (arrow splits into a cluster bomb of rocks, like a grapefruit grenade)

yea I know, they're not exactly bow related
just arrow related

i like what you have right now though. have you thought about adding knockback to the bows?

most ill probably do is fire; im not making a pack for a tdm, more like an rpg where smoke grenades/all these fancy stuff isnt useful

that said these are good ideas, and making new bows isnt a ton of work. the variants.cs has the bow variants and each is like 50 lines max - youd only have to write the part of the code that does whatever special thing you want
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Nice Conan, as always  :cookie:

Bow that let's you fire RPG.

bow that fires quiver

Bow that spawns skulls

Bow that spawns skulls

skull that spawns quivers on hit

skull that spawns quivers on hit
onProjectileHit > Self > spawnItem > Ammo - Quiver

Make a bow that fires strings and the bowstring is a giant flexible arrow