Author Topic: how did you guys discover video games?  (Read 3781 times)

i was around 5 and my mom used to take me with her when she went tanning. they had a room for the kids to play in while their parents tanned. i found some kids playing donkey kong country and mario kart 64 and i was amazed by it. i soon convinced my parents to buy me and my sister a gamecube and mk:dd.

what about you guys?

I got one of these bad boys in a cereal box

my dad was drunk and let me play his halo ce game

I got onto the roblox train when I was 5, then got steam when I was eight.

My mom took it upon herself to buy computer games for my brother and I when we were young and that served as our introduction to the vidya.

My dad handed me his Gameboy with a copy of James Bond 007 and Ms. Pac-Man.
Then I played goddamn Pokemon Snap for the N64. apparently(my mother told me this): I didn't want to go back to pre-school because they didn't teach me to read on the first day, I wanted to know the scores in snap without my mom reading them to me because "I thought she was lying". I learned to read because of Pokemon Snap :U

my mom bought me a gameboy color and a super mario bros 3 cartridge and i played that on the way to kindergarten
i still have that gameboy, dont know about the cartridge

dad got me a Nintendo 64 + a stuff load of the classics and etc games from one of his friends back when I was 4
dad bought a PS2 and some gta and racing games when I was in 1st grade for us to play together, instead only i just got to play it

Had that console until last year, it was a beast

my brothers showed me world of warcraft. played from vanilla through wrath and it was just great

my parents gave me a computer when i was like 3

my parents gave me a computer when i was like 3
finally we know what went wrong

got an ipad before i was 5

learned to swear too

that one lilo and stitch sandwich game

got an ipad before i was 5
are you serious? I am going to have to process a lot of things if you actually had an ipad before you were 5 years old