Author Topic: yo how do you feel about candy corn  (Read 1753 times)

i've been eating a lot of candy corn and related goods as a means to energize myself with its extreme sugariness

it's very sweet. thats my opinion but i still eat it anyways

this may or may not be cannibalism

candy corn is the 1 ply toilet paper while you have diarrhea of the candy universe.

it's one of those foods where if I have it I'll eat it but i'm not gonna go out of my way to buy some lol

its great (totally not because im a halloween baby((its actually amazing for real)) )

Its ambrosia and most people who hate it are confirmed incels

absolutely disgusting

candy corn is really good but I haven't eaten any in a year

I like how it looks, taste is decent.

It's okay until you eat too much of it, then I just get sick of it.

never tried it. but i dont like the looks of it