Author Topic: [Hatmod] Fallout Hat Pack [X-01 Added!]  (Read 4336 times)

Requires Hatmod and Script_Hatmod_NodeHiding

/Hat T51b
/Hat T45d
/Hat X01

Version 2.0
-Updates to T-51b helmet
-Added T-45d helmet!
Version 3.0
-Added X-01 helmet!

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that looks so good, good job

the classic and the best

Power armour player model when!?!??!?!??!?!?!

But on a serious note, hot damn we getting ready for November boys

expected garby but that's actually amazing

drinking game: take a shot for every smoothshaded polygon

best birthday ever i must say

Bump. The T-45d helmet has been added! Also made some changes to the T-51b helmet's model and colors in this update.

Fully armored Playertypes will come soon but here's a new hat in the meantime. Hats are a lot easier to make.
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