Author Topic: Best way to clean add-ons folder without loving anything up?  (Read 295 times)

just trying to clean everything out, what's the best way to do so?

look for anything (bricks, weapons, effects, etc) that you don't really use, check gamemode's gamemode.txt file for anything that you should keep just incase.

It's honestly going to be tedious any way you do it, just look for add-ons you actually use and move the other ones to a folder somewhere else. You could just leave them in the add-ons folder and disable them in game but it seems like you want that organized.

what i do is save my addoms to a folder, clear all of the addons older go to blockland's porperties on steam and click verify game files. this will restore any default addons you deleted without  replacing existi files, and then go and fish out the addons you need out of the old folder