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Here is a good ol list of commands for you to try in the console!

Here goes, By the way, before the list begins, you can put commands into the list by replying with the command in them and a description of what it does!

echo("text here"); Puts text into the console, replace "text here" with anything you want to enter into the console. Keep the quotation marks or else it won't work!

error("text here"); Puts text into the console in error message form with a BackTrace thing below it... Replace "text here" with anything you want to enter as an error into the console. Keep the quotation marks or else it won't work!

turnright(1); Makes you spin right.
turnleft(1); Makes you spin left.

findclientbyname("name here").player.kill(); Kills a player, Replace "name here" with the name of the person you wanna kill with the console or quite literally "magic." Keep the qoutation marks! This command is admin only.

findclientbyname("name here").player.setplayerscale("# # #"); Sets the scale of a player, Replace "name here" with the name of the person you wanna resize. Keep the qoutation marks, Replace the #'s with the size value you want that person to be! This command is admin only.

jet(1); will make the game think you are holding the Right Mouse Button or whatever button you use to Jet!

moveforward(1); will make the game think you are holding the Walk Forward button.

movebackward(1); will make the game think you are holding the Walk Backwards button. (So will moveforward(-1);)

jump(1); Endless Jumping...

Posted commands will be displayed down below!

No posted commands in the list yet...
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buildConfetti(); builds confetti

dumpConsoleFunctions(); lists all console functions in your console

This is the OP from the old 2009 thread:

Here, you post all of the console commands you know and what they do. Check the list first to see if someone submitted it already:

                                                The list

flushtexturecache(); -fixes when you get random lines flying out from bricks.
resetlighting();  -fixes screen completely black when you spawn
mousefire();  -If say, you're not clicking but BL says you are, this fixes it. Also good fro mining servers when you're too lazy to hold down click.
jet();    -If you're not jetting but the game says you are, this fixes that.
talk ("Hello!"); lets you talk as the console.


MrCookie:  quit();  -quits Blockland.

  zoneark: crash();  -gives you an error message saying Blockland has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Captain Blue: deletedatablocks(); -deletes datablocks, very bad.

Kalphiter: dumpConsoleClasses();  dumpConsoleFunctions();  -Shows what the console does, causes massive console spam.
vehicleDB.maxWheelSpeed = x; -changes max wheel speed of vehicles

findClientByName("name").isAdmin = 1;  -Makes someone admin silently.

Froby: crouch();  - fixes crouch
jump();  - fixes jump
explodeclock();  -explodes the clock in Bedroom.

Regulith:Findclientbyname(name).player.mountobject(ObjectID,Nodenumber);                         -Mounts Object to player

  findClientByName("Name").player.setPlayerScale("# # #");  -changes size of a player/
   commandtoserver('ban',0,ID,Time,"Multiple Word Reason");  -bans someone

   serverConnection.chaseCam(delay); -makes camera lag behind you

   ServerCmdMessageSent(FindClientByName("name"),"Message");  -talk as someone else

   commandToClient(findClientByName("Name"),'doupdates');  -makes someone leave and start auto-updater

   localClientConnection.setCont rolObject(_vehiclespawnname.vehicle);  -lets you control a vehicle

   findclientbyname("name").player.changedatablock("datablock");  -change someone's datablock (ex. turn them into a horse)

   findclientbyname(Name).player.delete();  -deletes a player, all he can do is talk.

   ServercmdSelf Delete(findclientbyname("name"));  -kills someone

   ObjectID.dismount();   -unmounts soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning

   ObjectID.mountobject(ObjectD,0);  -mounts soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning to soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning else
   ObjectID.setPlayerScale.("# # #");  -changes object's size

Note: to get an object's ID, look at it and type /getID.

Xia the Ninja: announce(); (Chat message in yellow)  -makes some chat that everyone sees

getNonsense();  -crashes game

[weapon here]image.projectile = [projectile name here]projectile;    -makes a gun shoot soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning different (ex. Minigun shooting speed + Rocket launcher projectile = lag!)

Gamefandan: echo(Put what you want to echo here.); - When you press enter, it will say it in the console.

turnright(); - Makes you spin right.

turnleft(); - Makes you spin left.

commandtoserver('messagesent',"LOLOL YUR MESSAGE GOES HERE! :D"); - Congrats, you sent a chat message.

echo(mPow(7,9)); - Echos 7 to the power of nine.

echo(mSqrt(4)); - Echos the square root of 4.

echo(1+1); - Echos what 1+1 equals.

echo(1-1); - Echos what 1-1 equals.

serverConnection.chasecam(-1); -crashes Blockland

Maor: buildwall();  -Makes you build a wall

Tingalz: buildfloor2();  -makes you build a floor.
                      buildconfetti();  -makes you build confetti.
                      serverConnection.chasecam(<number>);   -makes the camera delay in following you.

Tokerovin:   chuckNorris();  -lets you put a brick inside another brick (i doubt this one somehow)

Plornt:  bottomprintall();
centerprintall();  -all are self-explanatory.

Chrono : while(true){}  -crashes your computer.
for(%admin=true;true;%adminlevel++){giveAdmin(%adminpassword);}  -crashes Blockland.

liliboarder32: function f(){schedule(100,0,F);scrolltools(-1);scrolltools(1);}

-Lets you fire weapons really fast

function f(){}

-To turn it off

%bg = findClientByName("enterNameHere").brickGroup; for(%i=0;%i<%bg.getCount();%i++){%bg.getObject(%i).setEmitter(burnEmitterA);}

-Sets all of a certain player's bricks' emitters to Fire A.

%bot = new aiPlayer(%name){datablock=playerStandardArmor; position=findClientByName("enterNameHere").player.getPosition();};

-Spawns a bot at a players position.

Cwitchy: clientcmdtimescale("Number Here");  - changes speed of your timescale
ObjectIDHere.setscale("# # #"); - Changes size of whatever the ID is.

Captian Crazy: Gunimage.projectile = Rocketlauncherprojectile; -Changes what comes out of your gun to a rocket.

Xerces: tree();  -opens up a simplified mission editor, but everything is numbers.

IceBlue:  findclientbyname(name).player.hidenode("node"); - Makes a player's body part disappear

Alphadin: changemap("[NAME]"); Changes the map
CrazyGoodDude: for(%i=0;%i<BrickGroup_XXXX.getCount();%i++) { BrickGroup_XXXX.getObject(%i).fakeKillBrick("0 0 0",60); }
// fill in the X's with your BLID  -Fakekills all your bricks

e(ADDON NAME HERE);transmitDataBlocks();

// Do it in the order I got it in!!
// This will force load an add-on you have in your folder, careful if a player does not have this add-on it will crash them from your game

Deep2:  flushnamespacecache();  -Flushes your namespace if you mess up a parent.
setDefaultFOV("# # #");  -Sets your default Field of  Vision.

setDefaultFOV("100 100 100");  -To change it back to default.

messageall('MsgAdminForce', "\c2PersonsName has become Super Admin (Auto)");  - Fake Admins someone.

superlolman: <ID>.delete();  -deletes the brick with that ID.

buildstairs(); -Builds stairs

Sonicfan574:  canvas.pushDialog(GUI_Name);  -opens a GUI.

Harm94: Jump(1); -Endless jumping

Evar678:  findclientbyname(NameHere).setcontrolobject(objectidhere);  -Makes you control whatever ID you put in.

Orthone: for(%i=0;%i <brickgroup_8038.getcount();%i++)brickgroup_6726.getobject(%i).setcolor(getrandom(0,30));

  -Change the red to your BL_ID. It changes all of your bricks to a random color from 0 - 30 in your paintset.

Xc: vehiclenamevehicle.forwardthr ust=99999; -makes a vehicle go fast foward
vehiclenamevehicle.backwardth rust= # ; (or reversethrust)
vehiclenamevehicle.yawforce= # ;
vehiclenamevehicle.rollforce= # ;
vehiclenamevehicle.pitchforce= # ; - all change stuff with a vehicle

Mr.Bob00: ObjectID.setShapeName("Name here"); - sets a vehicle's name

Julius the 1st: Messageall('',"<bitmap:base/client/ci/ui/lag_icon.png><color:ffffff>: [InsertMessage]");- lets you talk as the lag icon

Evar678: findclientbyname(yournamehere).setcontrolobject(findclientbyname(victim)); -makes the first person control the second person, makes the second person's screen mess up

localClientConnection.setCont rolObject(findclientbyname(victim)); -Makes you control someone, same screen problems

findclientbyname(victim).crash(); - Crashes someone's blockland

Phflack: function bbrown townl(%i){commandtoserver('ban', 0, %i, -1, "Banned.");%i++;bbrown townl(%i);}
bbrown townl(#);  -Bans everyone with the id you put where it says # and up.

It's cute to see new young users trying out scripting for the first time. I remember when I was 10 I figured out how to make colorsets and I immediately made a tutorial thread on it even though I had no idea what I was doing

Fast forward 8 years later and I'm a forgetin handsome code hunk. Really goes to show that you can be really inexperienced but with the right dedication and attitude you can really evolve
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Phflack: function bbrown townl(%i){commandtoserver('ban', 0, %i, -1, "Banned.");%i++;bbrown townl(%i);}
bbrown townl(#);  -Bans everyone with the id you put where it says # and up.
this will crash your server

this will crash your server
lol this is the quintessential first shot at recursion test code. the one where you just discover how recursive code works and immediately crash your IDE and run out if memory

Fast forward 8 years later and I'm a forgetin handsome code hunk. Really goes to show that you can be really inexperienced but with the right dedication and attitude you can really evolve
Right? I figured out how to fully customize and patch issues within the Gamemode_CRPG code by just looking at it and wondering "oh so that's how that works". Man it feels good to be a handsome code hunk.

commandtoserver('ban',0,ID,Time,"Multiple Word Reason");  -bans someone

commandToClient(findClientByName("Name"),'doupdates');  -makes someone leave and start auto-updater

ServercmdSelf Delete(findclientbyname("name"));  -kills someone

e(Weapon_Gun);transmitdatablocks();  -Loads addons

Clientcmdcenterprint("<color:E7E7E7><br><br><br><br>+");  -creates a crosshair on your screen

clientcmdshowbricks(1); - show invisible bricks

findclientbyname("name").player.delete(); - deletes the player

findclientbyname(a).player.scale = "100 100 100" - sets player scale

findclientbyname("Playername").clanPrefix = "Prefix"; - set clan prefix

findclientbyname("Playername").clanSuffix = "Suffix"; - set clan suffix

fpbn("NAME").setTransform("1333337 0 0"); - moves you to the farlands

function servercmdSelf Delete(%client){ messageclient(%client, '', "\c6Self Delete is disabled, friend.");} - turns off Self Delete

stress(); - Builds a huge block of bricks

setTimeScale(0.2 - 2); - Sets time scale, also works on gui's

findclientbyname(NAME).spawnPlayer(); - Spawns a player

findclientbyname(NAME).player.SetMaxForwardSpeed(#); -Changes how fast a player goes forwards

Shutdown(); - Kicks everyone from the server besides the host

$Game::Item::PopTime = 0; - Deletes items once dropped

Exec("path/to/addon"); -Executes an addon

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Here's some more building functions


GetRandom(min,max) - returns a random number between those two numbers inclusive of min

Schedule(ms,'',functionName) - runs the function after Ms milliseconds.

Object.Schedule(ms,routineName) - same as above but runs object routines

-- instant gay script by tablesalt (dont steal)

a = workspace:GetDescendants()
for i=1,#a do
      if a[i].ClassName == "Part" then
            a[i].Color =,0,1)
            a[i].Transparency = 0.5
            a[i].Anchored = false
      if a[i].ClassName == "Humanoid" then
            a[i].Parent.Name = "forgetboy"
            a[i].PlatformStand = true



-- edit: fixed some things
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