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Animated Hats
Version 1.0

A support script for Jakeblade's Hatmod that allows hats to play animations, if they have them!
Requires Jakeblade's Hatmod

Note that hats will still work without this script, they just wont have animations.

For hat makers:
When creating your hat, make an animation named "loop". The hat will automatically play this animation on a loop.

Due to how image animation works, the time for the animation needs to be defined in a configuration text file. If there is no configuration text file, the time will be 1 second by default.

To define the animation length, in the text file include the line "animTime #" on its own line, where # is the time in milliseconds.


Conan's Animated Hats
Version 1.3

My pack of basic animated hats! More may come in the future.
(popeyes not included with eyebrows - get a multihat script to do that!)

The .blend files are included with the mod, you can check them out if you're interested in doing your own hats

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well that was loving fast

Conan's Animated Hats Version 1.1
+ Added ExclamationMark, ArrowMark, and XMark hats
+ Fixed Conan cake hat animation

For a second I hoped this was like a new bot hat system that I could use to release my 30+ bothats that I was too lazy to write a support system for :(

Conan's Animated Hats Version 1.2
+ Added BlinkEye
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Make a headside hat that's just the default blockhead head but it spins 360 degrees around like headside.dsq but along the front face angle like a clock

a cape/scarf that flows in the wind

O what about a hat that engulfs your head in flames.... not with a fire emitter but a moving fire model....

This is some good stuff