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Author Topic: [NEWS] Kimberly Guilfoyle allegedly left Fox News amid accusations of loveual mis  (Read 1507 times)

How quickly you've forgotten you're own words.
ok sorry let me correct my statement

Literally one user said something vaguely similar to your autistic paraphrase which you brought up for no other reason than to garner MSM-level reactions to keep yourself somewhat relevant despite the fact that you are totally handicapped and nobody gives a stuff about you because your character is entirely built around reactionary political bullstuff
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the main stream meteor is going to render the cnn dinosaurs extinct

Like Matthew holy stuff you're literally grasping at the most straws I've seen. This is a bipartisan loveual harassment case that you immediately tried to derail by forging some dumb satirical narrative about liberals. And your only example of this behavior you are satirizing is a 13 year old drama thread made by a ten year old.

Holy stuff are you so lacking in actual original thought and opinion you have to throw unwarranted attacks at a different political ideology? do you have nothing of value to contribute so all you can do is just reduce the quality of the thread with your autism

first comment: fox news
rest of the thread: master matthew

the thread was literally about a loveual harassment case and then master matthew comes in yelling about muh librul msm loving opresing Annoying Orange

But Tony, wamen cannote hurass,wamen r purfacts.

Tony, u aer a seck6
>reddit spacing

>reddit spacing
>le epic meme text on me blockland forums xd

this burn so weak i think you just cooled him down a little

First page commentor.

eh fox news isn't important anyway, just like CNN it is biased news

god i sure do hate being accused of loveual mis )