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crazey's trench tdm
im not very good with topics

the map and weaponry

gameplay overview
the goal is to capture the enemies flag. there are 3 capture points aswell, however, those are not required.
yet if your team manages to capture all 3 points, they will unlock the central spawnpoint seen here
after 3 flag captures, your team wins the game. every item in the shop, including shovel upgrades, are 1-life purchases. you are meant to save your points
until the time arises where your team needs to either defend or attack. you get 6 points from capture point captures, 2 for flag recoveries, and 12 for flag captures.
hosting times
some time during day through the evening

hosting right now its open

Shop systems are telltale sign of a mediocre trench tdm. Drop it in favor of classes because giving players an unfair advantage over others just because they play your server longer is not fun and discourages new players while classes and free weapons incentivize players to learn the perks and disadvantages of their loadout and use that knowledge to develop more rewarding playstyles. The former is a sellout development technique where you shamelessly try to hook players into your game by offering them better weapons for playing longer rather than offering them a rewarding game play experience

Map design wise the center of the map looks pretty neat and the use of capture spawns adds some depth but the distance between A and B spawn points and the flag also the middle of the map is unnecessarily big and players will spend a total of 30-40 seconds of their lifespan just walking to the middle doing nothing in between. You should probably just compress the spawns into one base and put the flag right in front of it so players can spawn and instantly have a chance to join in on the fight and help their teams defense
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awojdsdig[s,egk i shut it down on accident yesterday

i'm Hosting! Map reset to fix a glitch that charles discovered. Some spawn relocation. Score now resets on minigame reset, so people don't start off with an advantage over others.
To balance the new spawn locations, there is a 3 second respawn time.
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you do know if you have item saving and explosive weapons that its pretty op

you do know if you have item saving and explosive weapons that its pretty op
Which is why I don't have item saving

add minivans as a transport thing