Author Topic: darths music pack i guess (3 new loops (for orion))  (Read 1077 times)

other topic got too old so here

i removed 2 of the domination loops due to sound quality issues which i wasnt able to fix, so here are the current loops. orion is complete, the ending part is yet to come though
(there are three loops for for whom the bell tolls, extract the files in the zip into the blockland music folder. Loop one is the beefy riff after the bass, loop 2 is the bass part, and loop 3 is the main riff
New songs:
Metallica - Orion Main
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had to go to practice early, will release cowboys from hell and 5 minutes alone in a little bit, and cemetery gates later in the day

should be a music dump bc this isnt a pack

true, but im planning on adding more stuff

5 minutes and cowboys from hell coming out in like an hour at most

new loops, 5 minutes alone might be improvised several times as i dont feel it is as good as it could be yet
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3 riffs from for whom the bell tolls have been added, check op