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Some of this stuff can be found on APM Music.
Quotes added for identification, I'll add more in the future.
I'm also taking requests, but specifically background music.

Agent Woodrow
   (Second Version)
"He can't win that award if he doesn't get up for work.", "Target sighted."

Blue Dobro
"Texas is dumb?"

Chief Taravana
"I can't play anymore jellyfish, I gotta get home."

City Heat
   (Second Version)
"Set the magnet to overdrive."

Grim Adventures Credits

Hawaiian March
   (Second Version)

"Hello, SpongeBob. Could you keep it down? I'm trying to be boring."

Kitsch Latin Cool

Mr. Plog
"Clam's right, this meat or whatever it is, stinks, and it smells, and it's stupid!"

Stadium Rave
This is the jellyfish jam song with a longer loop.

Bring on the Girls
"Oh, here's how you start it."

War Blowers
   (Percussion Only)

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could we get a download all button

could we get a download all button
edit: done, and added 3 new tracks
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