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Author Topic: pomp's pomps (Ch. 17: The Human Artifact User)  (Read 36097 times)

can you make a suicidal pomp

most pomps are suicidally stupid with the things they try to attack, so they invariably kill themselves daily by attacking/insulting something way more powerful than they are

but in their universe pomps with names are known as recurring characters, and reappear after they die, and they are aware of this

as a result most recurring characters, particularly the higher ups in the B and A-ranks, keep attacking the seven S-ranks even though those seven are basically the gods of the universe they live in, simply due to being overly arrogant in their power and being unable to permanently die anyways
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sanity is a very rare commodity in the pomp universe

I hope when I die I get reincarnated in the pomp universe

I hope when I die I get reincarnated in the pomp universe
trust me, you really, really don't


^ Baby Tech (S-Rank)

^ The Civilized Pomp (A-Rank)
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I don't know how to edit polls so from now on I'm just going to wing it when it comes to gacha rolls


^The Barger (S-Rank)

^The Six Cutes (C-Rank)

the 6 cannon fodders

they are unique in being the only baby pomps left with cuteness fields, which they manipulate for their attacks and defense


^The Cooker (B-Rank)

^The Travelling Family (D-Rank)

Can we get a factory new pomp

factory new .99 float marble fade pomp