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Author Topic: pomp's pomps (Ch. 16: Short Stories)  (Read 9990 times)

the sleeping mama is the physical manifestation of the entire pomp reality

she is the embodiment of the illogical energy all pomps are made of and survive on, and she has absolute control over all pomp existence

in short, she's the god of all pomps


Toughie (Common)

The Powerful Pomp (B-Rank)

The Perfectly Ordinary Pompano (C-Rank)

The Bomber (B-Rank)

Why do some pomps have the shape of a carrot while others are shaped more like a ball?

Why do some pomps have the shape of a carrot while others are shaped more like a ball?

different species

there are four species of po fish: the pomp, pompy, pompano and nibbono species. each live on their own planet within the solar system, with the order from the sun being pomp, nibbono, pompano, pompy respectively.

pomps are the basic and most numerous species, they are stupid, weak and slow

pompies are even stupider than pomps, but have an extremely hard shell which makes them unbelievably durable

pompanoes are the smartest of the four species and have hard shells, though not as tough as pompies. they live in a technologically advanced society and are pathological clean freaks

nibbonos are outsiders; they arrived to this half of the solar system later than the rest, although still many billions of years ago, and they are about as smart and tough as pompanoes, but like filth instead of cleanliness. they are carnivores and used to eat pomps before the four species collectively stopped needing to eat. the ones that still eat pomps are the reputation ruiners (who i posted a while back)

is there a pomp with a gun to its head



Artificial (A-Rank)

Biffy (Common)

hey thats a forgetin rabbit u scam artist

biffies live on biffyplanet, the fifth planet from the sun

they eat carrots and the four species of po


The Accuser (B-Rank)

The Willpower Pomp (B-Rank)
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The Nibbono King (A-Rank)

BF (S-Rank)

what's going on with bf? why is it surrounded by what looks to be sludge?

BF is the embodiment of filth, one of the most powerful illogical energies supporting pomp reality
she is able to manipulate any and all filth and corrupt anything beyond repair

given how many pomps use filth-based attacks, she is extremely powerful, and in addition is still a billionth-generation pomp, as old as the pomp reality itself

given how many pomps use filth-based attacks
lesson learned: never fight a pomp

one of their main attacks is piss

they piss on things to humiliate and cause caustic damage

where is the pee stored