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I never understood why people over react to them in the first place.

heyy, nice
this should be pretty interesting

with a bigger budget too

I never understood why people over react to them in the first place.

I don't know why they would bring it back considering they completed the story already

but story isn't everything

the story of dhmis would pretty much argue against bringing it back

DHMIS is about the red string guy, a content creator, struggling with his publisher, the yellow guy with lanky kong arms. The guy picks him up and backs red guy's idea for a kids' show after catching him at an open mic event. Red guy quits his job to follow his dream, and he starts the show with the first episode, and he has another actor, the green bird, and the publisher's son, the yellow kid, as costars. It doesn't work out because the publisher's grip on the show distorts the lessons in each episode, subtley suggesting a strict understanding of broad subjects. The sketchbook character tells one of the characters that his favorite color "isn't creative" when the topic of the episode is about drawing, and when the cast tries to question the clock about the concept of time, the clock basically yells at them until their ears bleed and they shut up. As a result, the show starts pushing out really bad lessons for kids, and as the episodes go on, the publisher gets more and more involved and it gets worse. The red guy is kicked off his own show and the bird is cannibalized by other characters, leaving just the publisher's son in a nightmare hellscape being mindlessly tortured for no reason by objects that come to life out of nowhere. Once it becomes clear to red guy that the publisher is pretty much only using the show to punish his son and not push any good lessons for kids, he shuts down the show and reboots it with crowdfunding or some other source of independent backing, which leaves a smaller budget than before but it works well enough. The show is free to teach kids good values and they all lived happily after blah blah blah

The moral of the story is that independent funding is better than relying on big publishers, and to create what you want to create rather than what the publisher tells you to create. By bringing the show back (with a larger budget by the way) after the story was wrapped up so well pretty much invalidates the entire thing. What's the story going to be now? The freaky plot twists mean nothing if there's nothing backing them, they're just going to be "hehe, look at this thing we subverted aren't we cool we're like M. Night".

Even if you disregard the story, the bird is dead. He was turned into canned meat. Why is he back? Why is the red guy back? None of this makes any sense. It reeks of a bigger publisher picking them up and telling them to do this again not because the creators wanted to but because "hey people seem to like that thing make a dozen more of them by Sunday".
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