Author Topic: Freak Out The Cashier at Walmart  (Read 2016 times)

bleach, vinegar, and mason jars

roosterroach traps, frying pan, bbq sauce

I just take a stuff on the conveyor belt.

a belt, alcohol pads, and bandages

get an ouija board, a knife, and a pack of candles
then go to the pet store and buy a goat, everything in hand

lego bricks, glue, and those orage lego brick separator tools
watch as the cashier slowly realises your plans to torture children satanic unseparable bricks from hell

shrek mask, camera, and a sign that says "yup, thats going in my cringe compilation."

everything in the store

Personal lubricant, painkillers, stomp rocket

Peanut butter, bird seed, self-waxing kit

High-voltage cables, a welding mask, a single carrot
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Pistol, razors, and "medicine."

Pocket pusillanimous individual, lube, ghost peppers