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first one died. second one died. third time's the charm.
greenbh, i gave you a deadline. you said more would happen tomorrow. you didn't deliver. the day after that, today, is the deadline, and you have not delivered. i'm taking over because i'm tired of waiting.

12 districts.
4 slots per district.
48 slots.

start filling them.

District 1
Cubone, Boomsticks Alt, Squib, crazy54311
District 2
trueblood1111, Rock, YouKnowWhoAgain, H.E.R.P
District 3
Hulk Hogan, Jonas Savimbi, Duff McWhalen, gr8dayseth
District 4
Brian May, Fake Brian May, Drydess, The Bird
District 5
Stick Man, Soviet Narwhal, Texan101, Harry Mason
District 6
zelau, selau, xelau, kelau
District 7
Edd Eddingtoncraft, Ayebee123, Roulé, NotBomberguy
District 8
Flame Hyenard, Zeus, GavinTheZavin, maxymax13
District 9
Conan, Ad Bot, IkeTheGeneric, Ephialtes
District 10
Calem the gamer123, 6ix9ine, Potatoh, Fuzztoast
District 11
Biqus, ___, ___, ___
District 12
___, ___, ___, ___

joining rules:
1. you can submit yourself and/or a custom character.
2. if it's custom (or if you don't have an avatar), you MUST provide a picture, i won't get one for you.
3. submitting your alts IS allowed, but this is still limited by the 4th rule.
4. you CANNOT submit more than two characters.
5. you CAN choose which slot or district you want to be in.

Snaked Snake (Season 1, District 7)
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distrct 9 female please

put me in the juicer papa

oh I guess for an avatar just use this

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put me in with you table

if i dont win then im going to start a fourth one

if i dont win then im going to start a fourth one
are you joining, then?

districc 6 pls

why is it so loving low quality
Use this as my avatar.
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