Author Topic: Actual loving Hunger Games DX - Season 2  (Read 12157 times)

What the forget am i seriously just gonna die of hunger what kind of pusillanimous individual way is that to go i want a rematch brother HH

also post more i want to see if i come back to life
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day eig--

LOL HE loving DIED





the actual winner is snaked snake

I died in the least rad way possible and for this I will never forgive squib

forget forget forget

this is BULLstuff

I was 2nd one left and had more kills and this bitch ass kills me with my own weapon

i cleaned out my closet you can start submitting characters for season 2

put me in this time but make me cooler ok

put me in this time but make me cooler ok

also put in my cat

I know I'm gonna die but put me in.

put my rock in too

i got on a stupid rant and before i hit post i realized how retarded it all sounded uhhhhh put me back in

put me in with that one blue pokeman

V put this H.E.R.P in too V

put me back in using the Hulk Hogan avatar

and Angolan military leader Jonas Savimbi

put duff mcwhalen in, he shall avenge me

i must try again! i believe