electrk made this addon

ok good now i wont keep talking about who made it
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i hate blockhead07
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Author Topic: Old main menu synth sounds  (Read 1337 times)

remember when in v20 you would hover over one of the buttons it would make a synth sounds?

well, travel back in time to the good old days of blockland!!!

download now if you want it


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 :cookieMonster:  cool addon heres a  :cookie:

:cookieMonster:  cool addon heres a  :cookie:
some 1 sounds jealous of op's scripting skillz

i canít believe electrk would copy a decorated coder like that

I will not replace it with doom menu sounds I swear I will not

edit: oh forget not again
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i do know i did not make make this so stop all the replying of the wierd thingy

at least credit electrk if you're going to post it...

at least credit electrk if you're going to post it...
Elektrk stole from Conan!!!!!

hey blockhead07 youíre pretty cool Edd#8916
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