Author Topic: Mod-ter bricks not loading correctly with mod-ter script.  (Read 235 times)

This script is no longer working correctly.

I am trying to create a gamemode with my toystore build.

So I want the terrain bricks public but I also want to disable non-admins planting bricks inside mod-ter. You know like normal interior maps.

However the script seems to be broken because when I load bricks with the preferences enabled some modter bricks refuse to load because there are normal bricks inside the modter.

Sometimes modter refuses to load at all and then the save is forgeted.

I see a couple of issues with this mod.

It doesn't have any contingency plan for situations where there is no client planting the brick.
If there is no client, there is no SuperAdmin, even if the owner of that brickgroup is supposed to have Auto SuperAdmin when he joins.
Essentially when loading bricks, there might be no client, so it might fail certain permission checks where it should not.

I also see issues with the preferences not saving.  It looks like some misspelled variable names will cause it to reset some preferences to default values every time the server restarts.

I've attached a version of the server.cs that might work with loading.  Added like- 2 lines.  Didn't test it cause it's like 5 AM and I can't be bothered.
I hope it works out for ya.

I'll try it out and let you know, will it also work with gamemodes that have public bricks enabled?