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So basically I have a weapon add on that spawns a premade .dts file into the world. I have it written as a projectile (idk if this is the right choice) my hopes are to allow it to be moved. How do I allow players and other projectiles to collide with it? Kind of like turning on collision and ray casting with bricks. I’m sure I have the model correct with collision meshes and groups.

I  believe it’s the script that I need to edit. Also, wondering if I should change it to a vehicle.

i don't think projectiles collide with eachother
perhaps use a bot instead?
if you need to rotate on all axis then maybe use a vehicle

That’s what I thought. However now the model doesn’t spawn. How do I add a vehicle without a Brick. Is that even necessary?

i remember there was an addon that spawned a vehicle from command
it was either some kind of personal or admin vehicle, trying to find it

you could also look at event_supplydrop
it had an airplane drop the cargo, not sure if it was a vehicle or something else

why vehicle? what are you trying to do?

So basically I made an object spawn when a “weapon” was thrown. That object is supposed to be interactive.

Interactive as in you can collide with it and click on it? Try using aiplayers, they have both ragdollish support for thrown physical objects, player collision, and it's pretty damn easy to raycast to since it's on the player mask

Other option is to use a static shape

more information tends to yield better help

perhaps use a bot instead?
Tbh this is the answer to the problem 99% of the time in tork game engine.
Also yeah just tell us what you are trying to achieve to avoid the XY problem.