Author Topic: How do I use same name for duplicate materials in blender? 001, 002, 003, etc  (Read 165 times)

I'm making a super secret model for BL and I can't seem to get blender to use the same material for each part of the model.

It really seems to affect how the gun appears in-game. One part of the model uses "steelcolor" and the texture on it appears just fine. But if it's any other part of the model with the duplicate texture steelcolor.001 or further, those parts turn gray in-game. I have tried changing the name of the dup textures to just "steelcolor" but doesn't seem to be listening to me. What is strange is the other materials don't act this way but steelcolor does. I'm still a big noob at blender and I don't really know much about it yet. So don't be surprised if the fix is really obvious to you.

I am asking here instead of some blender help forum because I know a lot of you on here are experts at making blockland models/weapons. Help is much appreciated.
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you cant have the same name for multiple materials.

instead, you need to use the same material

whenever you make a new material its put in like a table of all the materials. doesn't matter if its on a model or not. (hence why you cant have the same names)

you can replace your materials with whatever here

say i wanna replace the yellow on my model with the red material i've already made, i just click this button and select red from the table of materials
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*facepalm* Why in the hell did I not notice that? Thanks anyway lol.