Author Topic: New Years 2019 (120 Players)  (Read 15914 times)

Im willing to help. Drop me a line.
Don't have much time at this point though...

hope you guys make a better new years than we could have. we just knew jack stuff about coding and maybe were a little too selfish to bring anyone on board that knew how to. we brought drendran back on for 2017 but then he kinda took over the whole project and did things his way but whatever

if you guys need a new logo heres one

damn that kinda looks like the fortnight logo..........

I honestly hope this new years project turns out well for you guys.

I helped with last year's one with the Clique and honestly it stressed me tf out lol. I'm glad someone is carrying on the tradition!

we brought drendren back on for 2019 drendren vs cealu make better new year server this year december 30

shouldnt make a topic until you have something to show

best of luck man, last year's new years was stupid stressful and even after like 6 months of development we still didn't get to finish everything we wanted lol

Remember when all if the clique's topics started with 1 picture if the map

forget yeah, let's see how it's handled this year I'm excited to see what people do to handle everything
(I'm not usually this excited about stuff, don't let us down)

just ignore the skeptics and within a couple of pages if your still dedicated this project it will just be progressive talk of development

pls dont have any gay edgy spam all over the place like some of the previous ones

u rlly do love making an ass of urself lol
its alright i'll just say nothin next time so you dont backfire any of my criticisms back at me as if i'm saying "shut down the project rn its trash". apparently me giving a simple concern i have is "stuffting on their parade" as ike says
damn yall overreact too often. like chill.