Author Topic: medieval fantasy games suck  (Read 1447 times)

dungeon defenders is grindy as forget tho, its not for everyone
i hear DD2 is just a grinding game
DD1 was pretty fun, didn't really notice much grinding

what about dishonored :(((((((((((((((

what about dishonored :(((((((((((((((
not medieval, looks like 1800s london

not medieval, looks like 1800s london
That's just whalepunk (since everything is powered by whale oil)

what about the thief series.

i think the main problem with medieval fantasy games is that they center around stuffty weapons like swords and bows which all suck absolute rooster

Magic is literally just invisible guns that fire cool particle bullets. And most of the time they loving suck anyways and just do some sort of lasting damage like fire or poison. Literally the least inspired excuse

Play the GBA fire emblem games to know true pain

There's also the MMO which takes everything good about the first game and ramps it up to 11, but that's loving Japan only and you have to go through a heavy 8 step process to even get the game to boot
holy forget i didn't know there was a Dragons Dogma MMORPG, Thanks! It was a pain in the ass to set up but boy it sure is a fun game. Ping isn't a problem unless you are in a party since everything is instanced.

thats the thing though, i LOVE these type of games (except mobas forget mobas)
I would play mobas if I could use loving WASD