Do you think that we should only have this topic for our own games?

Of course.
4 (8.3%)
10 (20.8%)
29 (60.4%)
Well.. I have another condision. (Post)
0 (0%)
No. But we could... (Post)
5 (10.4%)

Total Members Voted: 10

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I know your a starfish now, leave this thread before you derail it even more.

I think there should be discussion of game that you made. Not games that are out. This "Games" topic is getting a little flooded already. To keep the size down, I suggest we only discuss, show off, and create our own games. Not others.
I was the one who made the topic saying about how we should have the new Games topic only being for games you made. I voted of coruse, the only reason I wanted a game topic was to post games that you made cause the off- topic was ( like you said) flooding with them. I think that the games that you find like the GH thing being for the DS should stay in off topic. But the games you make, go in the games topic. To me, the Games folder was made to post games you make.

I think only games we have made should go here.
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Then why was the GHDS topic moved here? It does not say talk about your games here.