Author Topic: The [HotPocket] Platoon™: this trademark is mine  (Read 721 times)

The [HotPocket] Platoon™
Reminder: our clan tag is 'HPKT'
Reminder 2: Gautier suggested our name

"Important" members:

Regular members:
captin crunch cereal
Generic Face

I'll probably add more to this when stuff happens or more members join
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I'd like to join

also name it [HotPocket]'s Hot Pockets

Where are my future boot boys at

Merry christmas fellow clanguys

dude call the clan [HotPocket]'s Hot Pockets

nice can i join the clan too

frankly I nominate edd to be the leader of this clan

Edd can shine my shoe

also generic face gets star for being generic so therefore im generically letting him into my generic clan

dude call the clan [HotPocket]'s Hot Pockets
i'm still considering it

i declare war
I have 2 foam gliders armed with tin cans filled with hot coffee ready to drop on you